invoice interchange introducer

Help your clients access fast and flexible funding 

Simplified online invoice finance that funds your fast growing clients and allows them to stay in control of their business.


Why become an InvoiceInterchange Introducer?

We always have your clients at the front of mind. We will support you and your business, and provide the best to your clients.

support for your clientsSUPPORT FOR YOUR CLIENTS

Help your clients unlock funding and champion their business growth.

cut down on paperworkCUT DOWN ON YOUR PAPERWORK

Refer clients easily over email, phone or using our online platform.

earn commissionEARN COMMISSION

Get paid each time your client uses us to raise funds.

Which of your clients is this for?

InvoiceInterchange can fund clients in any industry. We help businesses who are unnecessarily held back by limited cash flow. InvoiceInterchange is perfect for your clients who are:

  • Australian registered company with an ABN
  • Company customers who take a considerable time to pay invoices
  • High fluctuating cash needs, but do not want to be locked into expensive arrangements
  • A strain in cash flow perhaps due to customers extending their credit terms or GST issues
  • Short operating history, Service Companies or complex business models, thereby having difficulties obtaining funding from traditional sources

Refer a client. Earn competitive commission.

Anytime your client raises funds via our platform, we will give you an attractive commission.  Our average customer uses us on average 13 times a year.  Talk to us to find out more about how to become an Introducer.