Investing with InvoiceInterchange

Deploy capital into a large marketplace of Australia business-to-business trade receivables that delivers a secure and high rate of return


Why invest with InvoiceInterchange?

InvoiceInterchange provides sophisticated private and Institutional investors an alternative investment opportunity in a previously inaccessible asset-class i.e. Trade Receivables.

Grow your portfolioGROW YOUR PORTFOLIO

Earn returns between gross 8% – 18% annualised

smart risk managementSMART RISK MANAGEMENT

Place bids according to your preferred bidding parameters.

simple online platformSIMPLE ONLINE PLATFORM

When invoices get settled we credit your client account. That’s it.

Risk / Return

Industry return vs. average return on our platform.
(describing the ‘high yields’)

Fixed Deposits avg. 2.25% p.a.
Corporate Bonds avg. 5.0% p.a.
Trade Receivables                                   avg. 15.0% p.a.

How it works

fund your trading account1. FUND YOUR TRADING ACCOUNT

Join the Invoice Interchange Trust

Deposit funds into the Trust account to bid.

Place bid to purchase invoice2. PLACE BID TO PURCHASE INVOICES

Place bids according to your preferred bidding parameters or

use our Autobid feature

Enjoy awesome returns3. ENJOY AWESOME RETURNS

When invoices get repaid we credit your client account. That’s it.

Ready to start investing?


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