Selective invoice discounting

Flexible cash flow solution. Draw down funds against your outstanding invoices as and when needed.  No lock-ins contract


What is Selective Invoice Discounting?

A flexible solution that allows you to draw down funds against single or multiple invoices, as and when needed. Giving you control and flexibility to manage your cash flow.

flexible financingSIMPLE

Easy to use online platform reduces admin

24hour turn aroundFAST

Upload invoice and receive funds within 24 hours

transparent feesTRANSPARENT

All costs known upfront, no hidden fees


Fund invoices as and when needed, no contract lock-ins

How selective invoice discounting works


Upload one or many invoices on our platform as and when you need financing.

investors bid on your invoice 2. VERIFY YOUR INVOICE

We will review and verify your invoices.

receive cash from winning bid3. FUNDS IN YOUR ACCOUNT

Your invoices are funded and available to you within 24 hours.

Is your business eligible?

If you’re waiting for a customer to pay you, we’ll help ease your cash flow.

  • Proprietary Limited or LLP company based in Australia
  • Has at least one large creditworthy customer
  • Minimum turnover of $200,000 p.a.
  • 6 months operational history


We offer two options based on your funding needs:

Transaction fee
You pay a fixed percentage of the invoice amount
Discount fee
Fee against drawn down funds, calculated based on the actual term

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Still unsure and have more questions?

A: Confidential, selective invoice discounting. Disclosed, selective invoice discounting

A: Up to $1 million, typically 20% of turnover

A: No minimum term

A: Up to 90% on qualified invoices

  • Director(s) personal guarantee
  • Corporate guarantee (if required)
  • Trade credit insurance for export invoices
  • Additional security may be considered on a case-by- case basis
  • Invoices due within 120 days for approved debtors
  • Export invoices can be assessed on a case-by-case basis

We cannot fund:

  • Overdue invoices
  • Related party debt
  • Back-to-back arrangements
  • Any debt subject to a prior charge where the charge holder will not provide a satisfactory waiver